Newtone – Our story

Since 2005, Newtone has been creating and developing increasingly powerful and customized interpretation algorithms and acquisition systems to help our clients to innovate, explore and develop new horizons.

Within the field of imagery, we develop our solutions to understand and anticipate whether a product or a drug will be efficient for human health and beauty visible by consumer.

With innovation as the motivation and in-depth knowledge of Appearance as the domain of expertise, we share an accessible, intuitive and user-friendly technology with our clients, which is a source of added value for their business.

We highly support innovation for new claims assessment in order to propose new ways to analyze and communicate skin and hair measurements.

With more than 80% of our talents dedicated to Research and Innovation; +30% of our income invested in R&D and +13 years developing and evaluating skin and hair imaging technologies; the size and scope of our expertise is unprecedented.

Our Innovations are mainly focused on new technologies to improve skin markers detection.
Using Deep learning, Neural network or Artificial Intelligence methods, we are able to analyze specific parameters and assess new claims.

In 2021, Newtone joined the QIMA group, a global leader in testing, inspection, audit and certification services.

QIMA has more than 40 offices and laboratories, a presence in 85 countries, and a dedicated QIMA Life Sciences division (previously Bioalternatives and Synelvia).

Joining QIMA Life Sciences allows us to offer:

  • A turnkey offer from vitro to clinical support
  • Innovative solutions throughout your development

Newtone’s philosophy

The Newtone Team is made on gender equality with 20 developers, doctors, engineers, technicians all expert and engaged to bring our best.

We are dynamic and passionate, and above all, love to rise to all the challenges which arise with every new issue relating to Appearance. We place no boundaries on our research, which is constantly stimulated by the rapid development of all technologies available to us.

At Newtone, we experience innovation as a collective process. R&D from all over the world offers an endless source of ideas which any company can develop to optimize their innovation.

Newtonian mean faces

We are constantly looking for solutions, remaining up-to-date through publications from laboratories, researchers, industrial, experts, start-ups and users from all over the world and all fields of activity.

Our source of creativity has no borders.

This openness of mind and tireless work enable The Newtone Team to be able to fully meet our clients’ expectations by proposing, often within very tight deadlines, very innovative and relevant solutions.

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We cultivate benevolence to move towards a common goal by encouraging conviviality to stimulate team spirit. Our internal relationships connected to the world are based on respect and honesty.

Our talents act to share knowledge in the service of collective intelligence. Our fulfillment lies in the balance between autonomy, agility, versatility and personal development.

Passionate about technical challenges, we use our research to push the limits. Our creativity inspires our Clients, our academic partners with whom we maintain very special relationships and who allow us to enrich the know-how and knowledge of each to boost the company.

We collectively maintain our expertise by continually developing new individual skills to always offer the best, prepare and anticipate the future. Our experts are committed to systematically providing a quality service with responsiveness, availability and attentive and respectful listening to our customers


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