Newtone stands out as a catalyst for Innovation

Newtone is oriented towards open innovation at the crossroads of Sponsors, Academic research and CRO’s.
Because we are aware that knowledge is collective and that each has its added value, we favour partnerships with our eco-system.

This is why, for several years, our Innovation Lab has been present at the highest level in major cosmetics and healthcare companies to anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

In parallel, we have forged links with Laboratories all over the world. Specialists in their field, they bring their vision in break with the status quo of industries.

The CRO’s, because of their unavoidable involvement in the field, are also an important ally in guiding, testing and co-constructing our innovative solutions.

We believe that our research and discoveries have to be shared. This is why we have a policy oriented towards scientific communications.

Publications, conferences and posters allow us to compare our ideas with our peers during major international meetings and to prove the scientific solidity of our approach.

Our main research focus goals are on Connected Objects, Artificial Intelligence, Hyperspectral imaging and Data visualization.



Newtone Technologies has opened our mind for novel opportunities. Working with Newtone is always a kind of cross-fertilization of heterogeneous teams based on biologists on one side and mathematicians and computer nerds on the other. A challenging and thrilling part is often the back and forth translations of the different scientific languages until a common understandings and useful results are found. Here I see the reason for the unbelievable success stories between our two companies.
– Rainer Voegeli – DSM –

The following references illustrate some of our most recent work:

Appearance of aging signs in differently pigmented facial skin by a novel imaging system
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Image-based continuous p-value evaluation: A novel approach to detect and visualize integral efficacy of skin care treatments
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A novel continuous colour mapping approach for visualization of facial skin hydration and transepidermal water loss for four ethnic groups
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